>2017-2018學年新生註冊 / New Students Registration
For returning students, please use the pre-printed registration form sent home on 02/17/17.)

思源2017-2018學年度學費調整/CCS 2017-2018 School Year Tuition Adjustment
思源是家長創辦的中文學校,二十多年來一直努力於孩子的中文教育。近幾年所有的中文學校註冊人數普遍下降,嚴重影響學校的運作和教學品質。而教室租金、清潔費、保險費及教師工資都上漲,使得學校財政出現赤字。學校也積極籌款,例如網站廣告費和公司對家長做社會公益捐助款項。但是仍然入不敷出。不得已的情形下只好調漲學費(漲幅20%)。希望親愛的家長諒解與支持。 本月份開始新學年度註冊,early bird(4/28/2017之前註冊者)學費繳$420,4/28後註冊者視同新生學費繳$460。
Dear CCS Parents:
The Cupertino Chinese School was founded by parents. For over 20 years, CCS has worked hard for the enrichment of student’s education in Chinese. An overall decrease in registration in recent years impacted the operation and teaching quality of the school. In addition, factors such increases in rent, cleaning fee, insurance premium, and teacher’s salary are contributing factors for the school’s finances to be in the negative. To supplement its income, the school actively seeks different income streams, such as online ad fees and community charitable donations from private corporations. However, the school’s expenses are still greater than its income. Under such condition, the school reluctantly has to make an adjustment on the tuition fee (20% increase). We hope that our dear parents will understand and demonstrate continual support. The new academic year’s registration begins this month. The tuition fee for early bird registration (before 4/28/2017) is $420, while tuition for registration after 4/28 will be $460, the same amount for new students.
Thank you.
Principal Office

活動預告/Activity Announcements

CCS 新春聯歡園遊會/CCS New Year’s Celebration Festival
Time : 7:20 pm - 9:00pm, February 10, 2017
Place - MVHS Student Union

路明教育說明演講/Ilumin Presentation >> 活動簡介/Flyer
因不可預期的緊急事故,原訂17號的演講將延期。 確定日期將另行通知。不方便之處,敬請見諒
Due to the unexpected emergency, the presentation will be postponed till further notice. Sorry about the inconvenience.

Topics: "Improving Admissions Results"
7:00- 9:00pm, February 17, 2017
Place: Room C109

2017年2月24日總統日放假/February 24, 2017 - President's Day. No School

“Branding Pays” >> 活動簡介/Flyer
演講人:Karen Kong
時間:10am-12:30pm, 3/18(週六)
地點:Monta Vista High School
Speaker: Karen Kong
Time:10am-12:30pm, 3/18(Sat.)
Place:Monta Vista High School
Ticket:All proceeds will be donated to the ALS Research

2017年全美多媒體簡報比賽/2017 National Council of Associations of Chinese Language Schools Multimedia Presentation Contest
比賽主題: 華人飲食
比賽時間: 八月十二日 (星期六) 下午一點
比賽地點: Double Tree by Hilton Hotel Newark – Fremont
39900 Balentine Drive, Newark, California, 94560-0564 Phone: (510) 490-8390
報名日期: 即日起至 2017 年 六月三十日。參賽隊伍有限制人數,每組限六至八隊參賽。
比賽類別型態: 採現場簡報方式
>> 詳情請閱

13th Chinese Bridge Cup Contest
13th Chinese Bridge Cup Contest for K-12 Students featuring 5 categories: Brush Calligraphy, Pen Calligraphy, Drawing/Painting, Chinese Composition, and Chinese Poetry Recital.
Hosted by: Confucius Institute at SF State / San Francisco Unified School District
Sponsored by: Confucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban) / Education Office of Chinese Consulate in SF
We welcome all K-12 students who are interested in learning Chinese language and culture to register for any contest category online at www.sfsu.edu/~ci, demonstrate their language proficiency and present their culture skills.
This is a golden opportunity for participants to celebrate their achievements in learning Chinese. This is also a special opportunity for parents and teachers to motivate K-12 students to challenge themselves for global education in 21st century. Please mark your calendar for the contest events at Roosevelt Middle School (460 Arguello Blvd., SF):
1. Saturday, March 18
    9:00am – 12:00pm: brush/pen calligraphy, and drawing/painting
    1:00pm-3:00pm: Chinese composition
2. Sunday, March 19
    1:00pm-4:30pm: Chinese poetry recital (Mandarin and Cantonese)
3. Friday, April 14
    5:00pm-7:00pm: Award Ceremony
Should you have any questions or need further information, please contact us atcisfsu@sfsu.edu/ 415-338-7631.

更多學校資訊,請閱本期思源通訊/Latest Newsletter >>
思源通訊存檔/Newsletter Archive >>

思源中文學校 Cupertino Chinese School
上課地點/Location: Cupertino Monta Vista High
上課時間/Time: Friday, 7-8:50pm
聯絡學校/Contact: 408-87-GoCCS (408-874-6227)

- 2017-2018 學年學生註冊須知
- 2017-2018 Registration Guide

北加州中文學校聯合會2017年 學術比賽
活動地點:Jane Lathrop Stanford (JLS) Middle School in Palo Alto
活動地址:480 E Meadow Dr., Palo Alto, CA 94306

中華民國2016年10月9日 雙十國慶升旗暨巡遊

10月28日 家長會

Parent Volunteer Credit Point
Required Points:
One student per family: 8 pts
Two students per family: 14 pts
Three students per family: 18 pts

Room parent - 1 pt per week
Traffic 小組長 - 1.5 pts per week
Yard duty 小組長 - 1.5 pts per week
Traffic duty - 1 pt per week
Yard duty - 1 pt per week
   > 交通指揮職責及配置圖
學術比賽 (Academic Contest)-1 pt per session
祭孔典禮 ( Confucius Ceremony) - 2 pts
雙十國慶表演 (Taiwan National Day) - 2 pts
董監事投票 (Board of Director Election) - 1 pt
Office helper - 1 pt per week
家長大會 (Parents Meeting) - 1 pt
Parents-Teacher meeting (1st day) - 1 pt

課外活動才藝班/ Extracurricular Activities

兒童表演班/Performing Arts Class
兒童表演藝術專家葛光愛老師,將於新學年開設新課程。教學內容除了有小朋友的唱遊、演講及表演外,還將指導小朋友上台的儀態,上課時間是每星期五晚上六至七點,歡迎有興趣的同學報名參加, Click https://goo.gl/7jlCMM
Class for younger students ( ages 4-7). Teacher Ger will be teaching this class from 6-7pm on Friday. Details regarding class syllabus and registration?can be found? at this link https://goo.gl/7jlCMM?

縫紉班/Sewing Class
由熱心家長吳軍教授的縫紉班,一直深 受大家的喜愛,今年將繼續辦理。上課時間為每週五晚7:10~8:40。有興趣參加的家長請向吳軍(408) 454-8388洽詢。
This is a parent-only class. Class will be on Fridays from 7:10-8:40 pm. Please contact sewing instructor June Wu for further details. (408) 454-8388

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