2017-2018 開學日 - 8月 25 日 (星期五)
2017-2018 School Year
1st Day of School - 8/25/2017

義工需求/Volunteers Needed
Webmaster -
  管理 CCS 網站/ Maintain CCS website

思源通訊主編 - 出版月度 Newsletter/Newsletter Editor - publish monthly newsletter
  熟悉 Microsoft Word 及中文輸入/Must know Microsoft Word and how to type in Chinese.

If you are available and interested in helping in the above mentioned positions, please contact the Principal.

2017 CCS Board Election Result
2017 新董事 (任期 2017-2019) /New elected Board of Directors(term 2017-2019)
陳思迅 Robin Chan
王哲剛 Joe Wang
李佩玲 Peiling Lee
姜致義 Joanne Jiang
練忠富 Tionghu Lian
2017 新監事 (任期 2017-2018)
New elected Board of Supervisors (term 2017-2018) 慕曉昉 Xiao-Fang Mu
馬紹銘 Shawming Ma
吳宗庭 Dennis Wu

第 33 屆華運會球類比賽/The 33rd Annual Chinese Sports Tournament
第 33 屆華運會的多項球類(籃球:6/10-11、 6/11 保齡球)比賽將在六月初展開,七月 將有(排球、乒乓球、壘球和高爾夫球等 等)。歡迎全校師生、學生和家長們組隊 來參賽,另有許多田徑比賽: (60 公尺、 100 公尺、200 公尺、400 公尺、和大隊 接力等等)、跳遠、鉛球和三級跳遠。詳 細報名信息,請查看華運會網頁 http://www.tcaat.org/
The 33rd annual sports tournament (basketball: 6/10-11, bowling: 6/11) shall begin in the beginning of June. In July, contests include: volleyball, ping-pong, softball, and golf. We welcome all schools, students, and parents form their own teams to compete. In addition, there are also track and field competition: running events in 60m, 100m, 200m, 400m, and relay, jumping, shot put, and long jump. For tournament detail, please check website: http://www.tcaat.org/

高中生模擬創業競賽/Model Entrepreneur Competition
世界日報舊金山社為鼓勵高中生創建自己 的獨特性,與哥倫比亞大學商學院 Venture For All 首度將在舊金山舉辦第一 屆模擬創業競賽,希望藉由這項團隊競賽, 培養學生創新、溝通、合作與批判思考能 力。這項競賽至少需三至四人組隊,比賽 分網路與實體兩部份,參賽團隊有兩梯次 機會上網遞交商業計畫書,並獲教授指導, 入圍決賽隊伍將在比賽現場簡報說明創業 計畫並接受評審發問。賽前哥大商學院特 別準備創業課程網路版,有意參賽學生可 先上網學習,再實際操作演練。 請按此上網填妥報名,申請截止日期將分 階段進行,按此查閱報名細節
費用: 免費
第一名: 獎學金 $1,500 /per team
第二名: 獎學金 $1,200 /per team
第三名: 獎學金 $800 /per team
除了獎金之外,得獎的三組學生同時得到 Columbia Business School Venture For AllR 所 issued 的 Certificate | 及接受世 界日報的專訪
Model Entrepreneur® , ME, is a competition hosted by Columbia Business School’s Venture For AllR Program and World Journal SF LLC, with the goal to encourage young talents to stand out from pure imagination and speak out innovative ideas with business feasibility. Unlike any business competitions, ME participants will be able to receive proper guidance and suggestions on their business models through VFA. Participants will also have the opportunity to join VFA program, to further enhance their entrepreneurship skills. Please use the above link to see more application details. Prizes are as below:
1st place: $1500 scholarship per team
2nd place: $1200 scholarship per team
3rd place: $800 scholarship per team
In addition to the scholarship, each team will also receive a certificate issued by the Columbia Business School Venture For All / Interview from World Journal Chinese Daily Newspaper

全美中文學校聯合總會 2017 年全美徵文比賽/2017 National Chinese School Essay Competition
由於海外僑教工作肩負傳遞中華語文及文 化的使命,並鼓勵華裔子弟學習中文之興 趣,讓學生發揮良好的思維及創意來精進 中文寫作的能力;同時藉由學生們學習中 文後的心得,鼓勵他們表達學習的成果, 特舉辦此富有教育性的徵文比賽,以促進 全美中文學校學生對中華文化有更深入的 瞭解及體驗,並提昇青少年中華語文知識 水準。 比賽分高年級組、中年級及低年級等三組 比賽。作文題目、參賽資格以及評審方式 請參見網站介紹。 截稿時間:於 2017 年 5 月 25 日以郵戳 為憑。
2017 National Chinese School Essay Competition To promote and share the mission of Chinese culture and language with oversea Chinese, and to encourage students to learn Chinese, so that students can express with logic, reason, and imagination in their Chinese essay writing ability. At the same time, to encourage students to share their Chinese learning experiences, hence, we are hosting an educational essay contest to further the interest of Chinese school students nationally, and to uplift their comprehension level in the Chinese language and culture. The competition is divided into three groups: upper, middle, and lower class teams. Essay topics, contestant qualification, and other details can be found on website link above. Essay submission must be postmarked by 5/25/2017.

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思源中文學校 Cupertino Chinese School
上課地點/Location: Cupertino Monta Vista High
上課時間/Time: Friday, 7-8:50pm
聯絡學校/Contact: 408-87-GoCCS (408-874-6227)

- 2017-2018 學年學生註冊須知
- 2017-2018 Registration Guide

活動掠影 Activities

Parent Volunteer Credit Point
Required Points:
One student per family: 8 pts
Two students per family: 14 pts
Three students per family: 18 pts

Room parent - 1 pt per week
Traffic 小組長 - 1.5 pts per week
Yard duty 小組長 - 1.5 pts per week
Traffic duty - 1 pt per week
Yard duty - 1 pt per week
   > 交通指揮職責及配置圖
學術比賽 (Academic Contest)-1 pt per session
祭孔典禮 ( Confucius Ceremony) - 2 pts
雙十國慶表演 (Taiwan National Day) - 2 pts
董監事投票 (Board of Director Election) - 1 pt
Office helper - 1 pt per week
家長大會 (Parents Meeting) - 1 pt
Parents-Teacher meeting (1st day) - 1 pt

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